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Partner without limits



New partnership between ADRIQ-RCTi and GÎMXPORT >>

Eight biofood enterprises based in Gaspésie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine participate in Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert with GÎMXPORT >>

Workplace health and safety training – Ciment McInnis >>

Upcoming activities

Take part to the Rendez-vous Acadie-Québec, from September 20 to 22, 2017, in Edmundston (N.B.) >>

Rimouski will host BioMarine Business Convention, from October 1 to 3, 2017 >>

GÎMXPORT, an overview

A leading partner in the economic development in Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, GÎMXPORT aims to help enterprises and organisations in the region become more competitive. >>

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A leading partner in the economic development in Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, GÎMXPORT aims to help enterprises and organisations in the region become more competitive.

The agency offers a variety of services to support business in five areas: exportscommercialisation and marketinginnovation and productivityshipping and logistics; and industrial and commercial development.

GÎMXPORT also organises trade missions, made-to-measure training and activities to foster recognition.

  • Mission, vision, values…

  • Exports

    You’re looking to enter an international market and need support to put together a structured export effort?


    You’d like to market your products outside the region?


    You’d like to improve your performance?


    You’re experiencing particular problems shipping your merchandise?


    You have an economic development proposal for the region?


Cathy Poirier, co-owner, Fumoir Monsieur Émile

“I’m satisfied with the services provided by GIMXPORT: support, advice, coaching and expertise. In fact, I enjoy working with the GIMXPORT team! The missions are well organised and useful for our enterprise. For instance, following our participation in the 2013 European Seafood Exhibition we were able to acquire new equipment. We also called on GIMXPORT to help us deal with a shipping problem that is becoming more acute as Orléan Express reduces its Expédibus service. Working with the team, we’ve explored several different potential solutions, one of which is being tested at present.”

Cathy Poirier, co-owner, Fumoir Monsieur ÉmileEuropean Seafood Exhibition mission, April 2013. Coaching to assist with transportation logistics 2015
Martin Duguay, Chair, Jolifish

“We took part in four commercial missions to France with the assistance of GIMXPORT. In fall 2014, one of these missions proved profitable since we inaugurated Jolifish Europe, which to date has completed mandates worth a total of $100,000. We are established in Strasbourg, at a strategic venue known as The Connecting Place. It brings together ICT enterprises, but ours is the only Web and mobile programming business that has set up shop there. Having an office and a commercial manager on the spot makes it easier for us to obtain contracts in Europe. GIMXPORT was very supportive, assisting us with all our efforts.”

Martin Duguay, Chair, JolifishInformation and communication technologies (ICT) mission, France, October 2013
Michele Poirier, Vice President, Patasol

“With GIMXPORT, we put the finishing touches to our three-year export business plan, allowing us to prioritise our markets and also access the financial aid available via the Exportateurs de classe mondiale program. We took part in three missions organised by GIMXPORT: SIAL in Toronto, the Fancy Food Show in New York and a prospecting mission to the island of Saint-Martin. Since then, we’ve signed new agreements with distributors, entered the Ontario and eastern US markets for the first time and introduced a secondary processing project. The work done by the GIMXPORT team to help us on foreign markets was of exceptional quality. Everywhere we go, we build business ties and the enterprise moves forward. Thanks a million!”

Michele Poirier, Vice President, PatasolCoaching to assist with a market diversification effort
Joël Arseneau, Chair and Manager, L’île imagin’air

“Our ambition to create opportunities in the field of new communication technologies expanded in the wake of the GIMXPORT missions in which we took part in 2013 and 2014. We co-founded an international business group, called 44screens, which works with a range of entities in France, Spain and Canada. This adventure led to the founding of a wonderful business partnership between L’île imagin’air and Lionel Guillaume, co-owner of BLACK ARTICK, a new agency involved in the creation of interactive enhanced reality experiences and contents, and in digital dialogue-based learning. The missions create priceless international business opportunities and without GIMXPORT support, we would not always be able to afford these trips.”

Joël Arseneau, Chair and Manager, L’île imagin’air
Alexandre Denis, ing. f., General Manager, Boiseries Wakeham

“I called on GIMXPORT for coaching as we built our business plan and looked for financing. Their assistance helped us obtain a $50,000 grant that we invested in the acquisition of a major MDF moulding production line formerly owned by Boiseries Rousseau. As a result of this acquisition, we became eastern Québec’s largest moulding producer as of September 2013, a source of great pride for us. GIMXPORT contributed to this success!”

Alexandre Denis, ing. f., General Manager, Boiseries WakehamCoaching to assist with a business plan
Jocelyn Tennier, co-owner, Concept Métal Plus

“Our enterprise designed a patented product unique in Canada that considerably reduces the risk of accidents: the SafeClimb ladder stabiliser. We wanted to sell it at Home Hardware stores throughout Canada. We called on GIMXPORT for its expertise in commercialisation and its experts facilitated our efforts. We had to comply with requirements, packaging standards, create a bar code, settle the issue of shipping, etc., but the outcome was tangible… we obtained our accreditation.”

Jocelyn Tennier, co-owner, Concept Métal PlusCoaching to assist with a marketing effort